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Happy International Women's Day to all the inspiring women in the WORLD! May this day be a celebration of your courage, strength and resilience.

Please stop by and receive 25% off your entire purchase!

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Eyeglass Repair, Sunglasses, Eye Exam, New Lenses
Bay Area's #1 One Stop Optical Shop

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Thank you to all of our supporters for celebrating our soft opening, a few months back.

⚠️It's finally time!!!

💥We are excited to announce to the public of our new location, our on-site optometrist

Dr Linda Woo, O.D. and our business GRAND OPENING!💥

SHOP OPENS FROM 10am - 4pm


📸 Experience a Lion Dance Grand Opening Business ceremony @ 2:00pm

Bring your prescription as you will be welcomed by our skilled opticians / stylists!

We can't wait to help you select your new eyewear and feel and look your BEST! So come and treat yourself to a new you! You'll receive 20% off your entire purchase, from our selection of independent / luxury brand frames and a premium set of lenses!

We'll have music and refreshments for you to enjoy! 🔊🥂

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